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I remember when I was little and the first time I brewed Sun Tea with my grandmother in our back yard. It was so hot that summer and we grandma showed me, we were just several hours away from drinking some delicious refreshing liquid sunshine. 

I come from a family of tea drinkers. Ohhhh were not English, but we might have well had been. From a cocopahny of assorted tea in our cabinets we picked out all our favorite, mixed them up, and poured crisp spring water we collected from a local spring every Sunday after church over the tea. I watched the alchemical transformation of all those flavors from the colorful tea oils swirling in waves in the water. That was how it all began. 

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THE BEST SWEET TEA IN YOUR LIFE! Made with Love & Sunshine

Hi, I’m rOMAN and welcome to my new website, it’s still a work in progress as I’ve also been busy culling and cutting bamboo for the stand and out in record degree heat making this summers best brew.

This is the place to stay up to speed with everything about ROMANzTEA And related sweet delicious things and creative artsy things, and, well, I hope you like it all too.

A long time ago, my grandmother taught me how to brew sweet tea. Growing up in an international neighborhood, my family whose roots are in the south are avid tea drinkers, especially moms. 

We were the few of that rare breed of co-op fresh food shoppers where fragrent bulk loose teas were bountiful ingredients to alchemically combine if you dared. And I did dare. 

I’ve been master mixing my favorite teas to bring you a taste like you’ve never savored before until now. And tadaaaaaa! LIQUID SUNSHINE, an amazing blend of traditional black teas and my secret herbal tea blend, are mixed together and brewed in crisp filtered spring water, in the sun, with loving thoughts and thanks of grandma. Then sweetened with a one of a kind blend of puréed peaches, mandarin oranges, lemons and fresh grown mint. 

Sealed and corked in recycled wine bottles to enjoy and sip the most sun sweet delicious southern brewed sweet tea IN YOUR LIFE!

When your in downtown Durham North Carolina, come visit me at my home made bamboo ROMANzTEA-KI bar cart for a free taste of LIQUID SUNSHINE(TM) and enjoy the TRUELY magical refreshing original specialty gourmet homemade micro brew of 


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